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Q. How long will the route take me to walk/cycle? 

A. The John Muir Way is 134 miles or 215km long over easy to moderate terrain and can be completed end-to-end on foot, taking 9-11 days and by bike over 4-5 days. Our website has an overview of each section of the route with information on how long each should take to walk or cycle.


Q. Can I buy a map of the route? 

A. Our website has an interactive map you can look at, as well as downloadable maps for each section of the route. It is also possible to purchase a printed map and guidebook. These are also for sale at retail outlets along the route.


Q. Do I get anything if I complete the route? 

A. A completion certificate can be requested from the John Muir's Birthplace Museum.


Q. Do you have information on places to stay overnight?

A. Our website suggests a number of options and includes contact details for accommodation along the route.


Q. What will the weather be like?

A. Temperatures can range from an average maximum of 17°C in the Summer to 5°C in the Winter. However, Scotland is renowned for its changeable weather, often experiencing four seasons in one day, so it is best to prepare for every eventuality. The prevailing wind blows from west to east, so if you’d like it behind you for extra help, start in Helensburgh. For more detailed forecasts, see the Met Office website and the Mountain Weather Service.


Q. Who can I contact about issues with littering and dog fouling?

A. Please notify the relevant local authority: